"... Our Doctor was impressed that just a small thing was detected but said it was BIG, 
and could really make a big difference for her!! ..."

"... I was shocked and yet so relieved that this had been caught so early in his life. As a teacher, I know the difference good vision makes in a child's ability to excel academically and thrive emotionally. So I thank you. I'm a conscientious parent, yet there is no way I would have ever suspected a vision problem. Without your services, [he] surely would have experienced a great deal of unnecessary difficulty in years to come ..."

"... Thank you for this program ... Had it not been for this testing, we would not have 
known that he could not see out of his left eye ..."

  "... Because this screening was located close to our home and free of cost, we didn't hesitate to take our children ..."

  "... We just wanted to thank you for this program which made a difference in our son's life and vision ..."

"... While I had always considered myself an educated and well intentioned parent, I clearly was not aware of the need for an early visual screening of my child ..."

"... I can't thank you enough for this program and I hope you can continue to help other children like my son ..."