“So Much More To See” is a 24-page whimsical poem with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations that tells the tale of how a little girl named Phoebe knew the world had plenty to see. It begins by a pre-school teacher telling the children in her care that Mr. and Mrs. Lion are visiting to screen their vision by taking a special photograph of their eyes. The fun children’s book helps young children gain an understanding of how the Iowa KidSight vision screening process happens. For some, like Phoebe, the result of a vision screening means visiting an eye doctor. Phoebe learns that she was right about the world as she sees so much more detail unfold around her when her vision problem ends up being detected and treated.

The children’s book is also an educational tool on the importance of early detection and treatment of vision problems. It even provides a page where annual screenings can be tracked.

Copies are available now. “So Much More To See” can be purchased through the Iowa KidSight office for $10 a copy, proceeds of which will help support the screening program. Click here for an order form.

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